IsiBackup® is the first and only application allowing to take backup copies of Isilon® system configurations.

Working as a DELL-EMC® partner and deploying lots of Isilon clusters for our clients since 2011, we were asked many times for a way to backup the Isilon configuration settings.

DELL-EMC® has many very good tools to protect/backup/synchronize the actual data (files and folders), but no real solution to backup Isilon system configurations.

This is why we decided to build our own solution for this. We call it is the first and only application allowing to take backup copies of Isilon system configurations. allows you to make backups of all configuration items available through the GUI of OneFS. does not store the actual data (files and folders) that reside on the file system. focuses on the systems configuration elements, such as: access zones, smb shares, nfs exports, quotas, network configurations, etc. allows you to keep track of all the configuration changes that have taken place on the cluster between calls to It can be launched automatically at regular intervals and it will send notifications by email when configuration changes are detected.

This software can also restore specific Isilon configuration items, provided that they have been previously saved by

The restoration of configuration can be performed on the same cluster or another cluster. For example, it is possible to duplicate elements from one cluster to another. Network shares and quotas can also be restored on a different access zone as needed.

Perfect equation.


  • Backup your configurations.
  • Track changes.
  • Be notified.
  • Keep on smiling.

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